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Expert Repair for Your Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony VCR DVD Recorders



Common faults:

  • Relay clicks then set shuts down, shortly after start-up.

  • Power problem.

  • Dead.

  • Stuck on a channel. No other functions.

  • Trips under load.

  • No start-up. Continuous relay click.

  • Relay clicks on/off.

  • Picture starts to flicker shortly after switch-on then appliance shuts down with the relay clicking. Tape deck works OK before switch-off.

  • Clicking noise. LED flashes.

  • Tripping. Relay clicks on/off.

  • Shuts down in PB of tapes or when a tape is inserted.

  • Loses channels (E-E), intermittently. Drum motor jitters.

  • Shuts down, after start-up. Previously, the set shut down when the disc tray was opened.

  • Switches off after a few minutes. Ejects tape. Tape is laced up and jammed.

  • Tape loops when unthread. Tape becomes creased.

  • Mechanical jamming of tape guides after REW and then EJECT. Guides stop at half way during unloading.

  • Mechanism stops and blocks. Displays error code "2".

  • Loads tape then ejects immediately.

  • Intermittently damage tapes, when loading.

  • Drive rattles after cassette has been removed.

  • Tape stuck. No display. No functions.

  • Loading motor starts at power-up with no tape inside.

  • No capstan rotation.

  • Loops tape, intermittently.

  • Blue picture via tuner or in AV. No tape PB or REC. Picture sometimes appears during video/tuner switch overs.

  • Does not accept tape.

  • No function. Lines in the display a few seconds after mains on.

  • Cassette stops by itself.

  • Tape carriage tries to go in by itself (gear noise from loading worm wheel). Drops out randomly during PB and switches to Standby.

  • Switches off at irregular intervals. No FF and REW, only picture search.

  • Distorted audio, in PB.

  • Stops during PB, after a few minutes.

  • Switches to standby after a few secs, in PB. 2 flashes of the display can be observed.

  • Front DVD door does not open, occasionally.

  • Tape loops at eject and re-enters cassette with difficulty.

  • Ejection mechanism malfunctions.

  • Rattles when stopped from full speed wind or rewind, if an E240 cassette is loaded and slight rattle with E180 tapes.

  • Video deck carriage shuffles slightly then the set shuts down, after switch-on.

  • Unstable own recordings.

  • Function LED lights-up briefly at start-up. Does not load tape. Standby mode OK

Toshiba DVR20,RDXV60

DMR-EZ45 to 49, DMR-EX95 to 99 and others

Common faults:

  • dead, power problems

  • no freeview channels

  • any of following errors: U61, U80, U81, U99, LD-FVU

  • display ‘PLEASE WAIT’

  • dvd problem

  • vhs problem

  • sound problem

  • No Digital

Panasonic DMR-EZ47, DMR-EZ48, DMR-EX95,98

RHT497,498,499, 599 and others

Common faults:

  • No start-up, when cold. LED keeps blinking and appliance finally starts after a long while.

  • No freeview channels

  • "Hello" displayed. No other functions.

  • Dead. No display

  • Stops then restarts, intermittently

  • Skips some channels, in digital mode

  • Disc tray opens then closes while "Hello" is displayed

  • Shuts down after start-up. HDD does not turn.

  • 'Unknown Disc' then 'Please, check disc again' displayed and the disc tray is ejected.

download (1)_edited.jpg

RDR-HDX560, 870,890,1065 and others


Common faults:

  • Guide + doesn't function

  • HDD is not recognized, display shows E01

  • 'Welcome' displayed, no other functions

  • Dead. No display

  • No EPG (electronic program guide)

  • Skips some channels, in digital mode

  • Disc tray not open

  • Shows error E02

  • Does not read disc

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