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Flexible and dependable, this black Toshiba DVD recorder is well-suited to bringing your videos to a higher level and producing high-fidelity audio in your media room. This Toshiba DVD recorder is a good choice for loud, clear, brilliant enjoyment. If you'd like to have spectacular colour, durability, and clean sound, the Toshiba DVR-19DT has much to offer. This DVD recorder with built-in VCR is a digital video-ready single-disc machine, enabling you to watch one CD or DVD repeatedly. Because the Toshiba DVR-19DT comes with a video tape player, you can keep on watching your video library plus all your new DVDs with the same machine. With flexible recording and playback of your favourite comedies, documentaries, and talk shows, this Toshiba DVD recorder is a complete audiovisual solution, allowing you to get caught up on your movie wish list with jaw-dropping realism. Also, the Toshiba DVR-19DT is a true audiovisual companion, with the ability to play DVD, CD-R, and DVD+R formatted discs as well as others, which means you are able to take advantage of your favourite movies and viral videos on store-bought discs or ones made on your computer. Because this DVD recorder with built-in VCR has many playable file formats such as JPEG, MP3, and DivX, you can enjoy a variety of movies, songs, and soundtracks in your media centre.


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